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Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Joe on November-28-2007

A Very special person in my life
gave me a card that I have gone back to
read over and over.
I was going through some tough times in the past,
and I think we all go through some hard times,
but it’s up to you to stay focused.
I want to share what it said because
it helped me and I am thankful to her
for this Special card and thoughts.

Its up to You to Make Your Life
the Best It Can Be.

This life is the only one you’re given.
Look for opportunities to grow,
and never be discouraged
in your efforts to do so.
Replace your weaknesses with positves;
take life’s broken pieces and re-create
your dreams…
Never measure the future by the past;
let yesterday become a memory
and tomorrow a promise.
Begin each day by focusing
on all that is good,
and you’ll be in a position
to handle whatever comes along.
Take responsibility for your actions;
never make excuses for not being
the best you can be.
If you should slip, be comforted by
the thought that we all do at times.
Determine your tomorrow
by the choices you make today,
and you’ll find yourself living
in joy and triumph.

This Special Person is my forever friend,
My Wife.


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Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Joe on November-26-2007

I have followed this path, but sometimes drifted off and I have made my way back to realized some incredible differences. I began to realize how much my life has changed by chosing the people that I spend my time with and associate with.
Here is some great information form Brian Tracy.
“Get Around the Right People. Associate only with positive, success-oriented people. Get around winners. As we say, fly with the eagles.You can’t fly with the eagles if you keep scratching with the turkeys. Get away from the go-nowhere typesand above all, get away from negative people. Get away from negative coworkers. If you’ve got a negative boss, seriously consider changing jobs. Associating on a regular basis with negative people is enough in itself to condemn you to a life of under achievement, frustration and failure. Associate only with positive people.Get around winners.”
I forgot who said it, but Tom Beal once said to me and in The 7FigureCode “you become the average of you six closest friends. “Look around you~ Do you need to change some friends or associates?
It makes a difference in life.