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Filed Under (Marketing Tips, Motivatinal) by Joe on February-20-2010

I came across this from writings by Brian Tracy ( Inspirational Motivator) and wanted to share it.

Why People Retire Poor
There are two main reasons why people retire poor. First, they never decide to retire rich. They wish and hope and pray, but they never make a firm, unequivocal decision that they’re going to do it. Second, even if they do decide to retire rich, they procrastinate until it’s too late. They always have some good reason for putting it off.

Start With Desire and Decision
If you sincerely want to beat the odds, to achieve financial independence and retire wealthy, there are four critical steps that you must take, all starting with the letter D.

The first step is desire. You must want it badly enough to make an unshakable commitment and to be willing to make sacrifices. The second D is decision. You must make a decision right now to do whatever is necessary, to be willing to pay any price, go any distance, to achieve your goal.

Practice Determination and Discipline
The third D is determination, which is to keep at it until you succeed in spite of all the problems and obstacles you will experience. And the fourth D is discipline - the discipline to master yourself to develop the habits necessary for achieving financial independence.

Those are the four Ds. Desire, Decision, Determination and Discipline. And you can measure how successful you’re going to be in the future by measuring how well you’re doing in each of those on a scale of one to ten.

Action Exercises
Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action.

First, make a decision, right now, that you are going to be financially independent, no matter what obstacles you face in the short term. Then write it down, make a plan and start to work on it every single day.

Second, resolve in advance that you will persist in the face of every setback or obstacle you face. You will never give up. You will keep on moving forward until you finally achieve your goal.

To your success,

Joe Jablonski

Tim Donovan on March 30th, 2010 at 11:53 pm #

This is a great reminder. Brian Tracy is one of the few people where I basically just take his word as gospel! For me personally the desire has been there but the discipline still remains a challenge from time to time. Thanks again Joe for providing killer content for us!

E. on May 6th, 2010 at 12:26 am #

Hello Joe,

This is E. From NRSWORKSicom!!

I am a big fan of Think and Grow Rich..this stuff Rocks!!! You Rock!!!
Thanks being a PMA Person. (Positive Mental Attitude)
Republic Bank Ach

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